Winchester Model 1890 – 22 Cali...

In the late 1880s, the Winchester Repeating Arms Company asked John Browning to design a replacement for the Model 1873 rifle, since the rim fire version of the Model 1873 had never achieved any great popularity. In late June, 1888, a patent for the new design was issued to John and Matthew Browning. Under this […]

28 Gauge Side by Side Shotgun

Bud Duncan of Duncan’s Gun Works (San Marcos, Ca) commissioned Mike to engrave this custom manufactured Greener platform 28 gauge Shotgun. After years of importing Geeners, Bud wanted to keep one for himself. The following are the shots of before and after. You can see that there was damage to be repaired and a lot […]

The Ring

Here are some pictures of a ring that Mike engraved. ┬áThis ring is made of solid silver and about the size of a walnut.  

Avi Nashon’s .405 Winchester Ce...

A massive 405 Caliber “Elephant Gun”, this monster’s carved elegance grabs the spotlight! Based on the Magnum Research BFR this custom winchester Centerfire features redone lockwork and fires a jacketed 400 grain bullet that can penetrate 20″ of packed phone books. It took nearly a year to build, and 3 weeks to engrave. This beautiful […]